About Me:

I'm an artist and games/software developer, and have been releasing games and interactive art since 2005. I have a PhD in Music Technology from the University of Glasgow, and lecture in games audio at Abertay University. Though to be honest, these days I'm a lot less interested in audio and a lot more interested in games and play.

I have an old list of events I've exhibited at but for an up-to-date list of things I've done you're better off looking at the All Work page.

Older Stuff:

Giant Bear Tracks: Mixed media record label; retired in early 2015.

Ashitaka: An Audiovisual Instrument: Site documenting my PhD, including my thesis; last updated 2009.

Heilan: X3D browser developed for my PhD; last updated 2009.

NDC Plugs: VST plugins; retired in 2008.