Niall Moody

About Me

I'm an artist and games/software developer (also now a lecturer in games audio at Abertay University), and have been releasing games and interactive art since 2005. Until I retired it in early 2015 I ran the small mixed-media record label Giant Bear Tracks, and I have created various pieces of audio software over the years. I have a PhD in Music Technology from the University of Glasgow (details here).

I am interested in the intersection of sound, visuals and interaction. My work often makes use of procedurally-generated elements, such as procedural colour palettes, text, and audio. I have made a number of local multiplayer games, and have developed an interest in creating digital works which involve real-world interactions between players/audience-members. I am also interested in the creation of new creative tools, and how such tools shape the art created with them.




Generation ZX(X)

The Festival of Improbable Instruments

The Craigallian Fire


Play On Exhibition


A Dance of Whispered Truths (collaboration with Mantra Collective)


Competitive Cuddling Simulator Controller

Parat+ by Incalcando


Mount Pleasant Drive



A Diary of Whispered Truths

Gravity Series

Dark is Yonder Town



Screaming Snakeball Tournament Edition (unreleased; original version here)

So Many Jagged Shards

Triangle vs. Square

Minimal 2 Player Game

All Will Be Artists



Dwindling Worlds



The Lair of Fungal Wonder


See here for a full list of works I have released.