Niall Moody

What I Did This Year


Making a list of the things I made this year mainly to prove to myself I did actually get things done, despite my feelings to the contrary. Click the titles to go to the things.

Triangle vs. Square

Technically I released this at the tail end of 2012, but no-one played it so I'm including it anyway. It's a very simple local multiplayer game with asymmetric controls and a deliberate 3-tone colour palette. I really like it, and judging from the response when I showed it at the DCA in November, other people do too.

4 Goose 2 Feather
4 goose 2 feather
The first of a series of audiovisual sketches I made towards the beginning of the year. Related to this and this.


A ridiculous looping music maker/dancing simulator. FLASHING COLOURS.


Born from an error in my scaling code. I love this thing.

So Many Jagged Shards

The biggest thing I did this year, and probably the thing I'm least satisfied with. It was designed to be a slightly clumsy, awkward thing, and it plays like a slightly clumsy, awkward thing. I can't tell if I should have spent more time on it, or less. It did get an amazing write up from Porpentine on RPS though.

All Their Fever Dreams

Audiovisual sketching for up to 4 players, controlled via gamepad. It's kind of gorgeous.

Minimal 2 Player Game
Minimal 2 Player Game
A minimal local multiplayer game. It's designed to surprise you, so the less I say about it, the better. Hint: it's not (exactly) what it looks like.

A very simple proof-of-concept about using Open Sound Control to create a networked multiplayer game. It led directly on to...

EXCOSC game jam
EXCOSC game jam flyer
My first attempt at hosting a game jam, and well, it wasn't exactly a huge success. Don't know if I'll attempt to host a jam again. You can download the game I made for it (Gunpowder's Kiss) at the above link.

Starlit Shoot-Out
Starlit Shoot-Out
A simple local 2-player duel. I think it's pretty effective, and I'm really happy with the music :D

All Will Be Artists
All Will Be Artists zine
A zine I made to try and sum up my thoughts about music and where it might go in the future. It was meant to get me started on a big music-related project I've been mulling over since the end of 2012, but it's now almost 2014 and I still haven't started on it :(

The Moon is My Lover & I Sing a Pretty Song
The Moon is My Lover
Another wee audiovisual sketch. I wrote a folk song for this one.

Martin Swift Swallow

An EP I made with my band Lonesome Monsters. It's a bit of an odd one, essentially being a whole bunch of separate recordings condensed and merged into 3 tracks. I think it's kind of cool though.

Screaming Snakeball Tournament Edition

An updated version of Screaming Snakeball that I took to GameCity. It got the most amazing response (as you can hear from that video). The link goes to the original (non-tournament edition) version; I'm still trying to work out what to do with the tournament edition. I'm tempted to put it up on for a couple of pounds, but it has such esoteric system requirements that I'm not sure anyone would buy it.

Gunpowder's Embrace
Gunpowder's Embrace
A (local) multiplayer version of my EXCOSC game. This also went to GameCity, but it wasn't particularly successful. Unreleased.

Pretty Creatures
Pretty Creatures
A 4-player local multiplayer game with a boardgame-style traitor mechanic. I'm really pleased with it. I'll hopefully be taking it to Lucky Frame's Tacos, Bluegrass and Videogames thing on the 11th.

An odd thing: a top-down shooter with no enemies, no score, and no time limit. I'm still working on it. It's very pretty, but I'm worried that I'm starting to lose motivation on it, and it's the kind of thing where I have no idea whether it'll appeal to other people at all :\

Huh, that's actually quite a long list. I didn't even realise I'd done so much.