Niall Moody

Game Plot Inventory


So mcc made a big list of the plots of her games over here and invited others to join in. Here's mine, organised roughly into shared categories:

Kill Things

Search for Things

Make a Better World

Only Play



Looking back on my games like this, I'm a bit disappointed so many of them are about killing things, and that I've done so few that belong in the Only Play category. I really want to make more elaborate and satisfying games that are purely about play.

The category that's interesting to me is the Make a Better World one, because I think those are the games where I wear my heart on my sleeve the most (excepting Caverns of Light). And because I think I tend to approach that plot differently to the typical 'save the world' plot so many games have. Where most games task you alone with saving the world in a fairly standard hero's journey setup, that kind of individualism ("Only you can save the world!") has always left me uncomfortable. In the real world change is the result of people coming together and supporting each other. These games try and reflect that; you play a small part in the overall struggle, and if you want to succeed you need others to help you. I want to make more games like this.

As an aside, I re-played Wall Jump Time Sphincter while I was writing this, and it turns out that is one embarrassingly bad game. Expect it to disappear from this site as soon as I figure out how to delete things from the app engine database.