Niall Moody

Esther Darwin's Journal


Continuing on from my previous Esther Darwin post...

Esther Darwin is going to be a game about stories, with the player collecting multiple short stories in a journal as they go through the game. What makes this exciting for me is that - because of the game's multiple branches, and the different environments for each day of the week - every player's journal will be unique to them. The order those stories appear should be different for everyone, and the larger story those short fictions point towards will take on different meanings as a result.

I don't want that story to be tied solely to the game's UI though, so I'm going to include a tool which will extract the player's journal from the game and save it in Open Document format. That way players can open it in e.g. LibreOffice and play with the formatting, print it out, and create their own physical copies of their journals. Because handmade books are precious, vital things.

So alongside the game's release there'll also be a simple bookbinding tutorial video, and hopefully people will share the journals they make.

Anyway, here's some of the books I've made in the past, to give an idea of what I hope will come out of this (click for bigger):

Book with Japanese paper cover Book with cut-out cover Star book

Also, the game's one of the contenders for the Bundle In A Box Indie Dev Grant. If you vote for me it'll make me very happy (and if I win the money will go towards buying a replacement for my broken scanner/printer, which has slowed development since the graphics are all scanned-in ink drawings).