Niall Moody

Burn Out


It's 2013 and I'm feeling pretty burned out with game development. This is partly down to my ongoing failure to settle on a big project I could conceivably make a living from. But it's also because even when I release small games that I'm genuinely proud of, it feels like a real struggle to get people to play them (obviously I haven't helped matters by focusing on local multiplayer games in recent months).

As much as anything, I think I'm really feeling the loss of Super Friendship Club. Being on Twitter has helped a bit, but it's no substitute for a good forum, and of the other forums I'm (slightly) active on, I've never really felt like part of the community the way I did with SFC.

Anyway, I've decided I'm going to take a step back from games for a while. To help me do that, I'm hereby publicly abandoning all the unfinished projects I've had hanging over my head. These are all things I've worked on during 2012, and they're all playable to a greater or lesser degree, just incomplete.

As usual, source code is released under the GPL v3; art, music, text under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license. Meaning you're free to use anything here for your own purposes, but whatever you make with it has to be released under the same licenses.

Esther Darwin

I've written about this one before. I'm sorry to let it go because I love how it looks, but I've lost the motivation to see it to completion.

Download for Windows + source


This is my latest attempt at creating a kind of musical garden; a longstanding preoccupation of mine. It's very basic but I think there's a lot of potential in the way events cascade and create organic loops/patterns. I doubt I'm finished with this, though it will probably take an entirely different form when I do return to it.

Download for Windows + source

Phase Drift

This is the hardest one to let go. For a large part of 2012 I was convinced it was something really special, but I think ultimately it was too unfocused and that lack of focus had a deadly impact on my motivation. The most experimental, notgame-esque of all the things I worked on last year.

Download for Windows + source

Tank You!

This started off really exciting, before it became clear the crazy combination of pickups didn't really make for a particularly fun game. TIGSource devlog here.

Download for Windows + source

Tank You! 'n' Stuff

A modified version of Tank You! which fixes most of the gameplay issues with the original, by stealing wholesale from an old Amiga game.

Download for Windows + source


The oldest game here. It's crying out to be played with a touchscreen, but I never got far enough with it to start on the iOS port. Things I had planned: puzzle sections with specific arrangements of tones to herd, graphics overhaul, different game modes, alternative tone generators etc.

Download for Windows + source

I abandoned the following games earlier in the year, but it feels like they belong here all the same.


A space invaders game with procedurally-generated enemies, and the beginnings of a dynamic strategic overview. The combinatorial, procedural logic behind this was a direct inspiration for Tank You! SFC thread here.

Download for Windows
Download for OSX
Download source

Caterpillar Music

The first of the games I made at TIGJam UK. A pretty basic music toy. I had plans to make each of the icon pellets alter the sound in some way, but I only implemented about 4 out of the 16.

Download for Windows + source

Fish Meadow

The second of the games I made at TIGJam UK. Local multiplayer. Each player chooses a fish sat on a slippery flower, and the last fish on screen is the winner. When a fish falls it will be assigned a letter. Hit that key on the keyboard to jump it to another flower. Hold space to remove the letters from falling fish and prevent fish already on flowers from falling until it's released.

Download for Windows + source