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A node representing a physically-modelled string (which is used in most of the audiovisual instruments here, and will be used in the final audiovisual instrument).


stopPos SFFloat (input) The position of the stop on the string (range: 0->1).

pluck SFFloat (input) When it goes past the 0.5 mark, plucks the string.

sawtoothAmp SFFloat (input) Amplitude of a sawtooth generator applied to the string.

playSawtooth SFFloat (input) Whether to apply the sawtooth to the string or not (<0.5 == no, >0.5 == yes).

stringFreq SFFloat (input) The frequency the string will resonate at equivalent to stretching the string on a guitar) (range: 55->220).

feedbackPos SFFloat (input) The position on the string that the feedback element takes its input from (range: 0->1).

feedbackAmp SFFloat (input) How much feedback is applied.

bowPosition SFInt32 (input) The position on the string that the bow is applied at (range: 0->127).

bowForce SFFloat (input) The force applied to the bow (range: 0->0.1).

bowVelocity SFFloat (input) The velocity of the bow (range: 0->0.1).

dampingValue SFFloat (input) How much to damp the string by.

dampingLeft SFInt32 (input) The left position of the damped section (range: 0->127).

dampingRight SFInt32 (input) The right position of the damped section (range: 0->127).

Example Use

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<X3D profile="Full">
		<NavigationInfo type="ANY"/>

		<Transform translation="0.0 0.0 -2.0">
			<PhysicalModel DEF="bob"/>