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A fairly simple particle generator. Has attributes to control the amount and direction of gravity applied to the particles, as well as their average lifespan (how long they take to fade away), and their colour. No collision detection is applied.


numParticles SFInt32 (input) How many particles may be visible at any one time.

gravity SFFloat (input) The amount of gravity applied to the particles.

gravityDirection SFVec3f (input) The direction of the gravity applied to the particles (should be normalised).

avgLifespan SFFloat (input) How long (on average) the particles will live before they fade out completely.

colour SFVec3f (input) The colour of the particles.

particleSize SFFloat (input) The size of the particles.

url SFString (input) Url to a texture to use for the particles, instead of the default procedural one.

Example Use

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<X3D profile="Full">
		<NavigationInfo type="ANY" headlight="FALSE"/>

		<Background skkyColor="0 0 0"/>

		<Transform DEF="temp" translation="0.0 0.0 -16.0">
			<ParticleGenerator DEF="bob" numParticles="128" colour="0.25 0.25 1"/>