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Make your Judgement

No Longer Subject to Judicial Review

Congratulations! You have been selected to take part in one of the most far-reaching shake-ups of this country's legal system since it was originally devised.

As you will no doubt be aware, in recent years it has become apparent that our legal system is increasingly unfit for purpose. Murderers and paedophiles are getting off scot-free while it is clear to the man in the street that they are guilty, and it is the victims who are being punished. Something has to change, so from now on trials will no longer take place in a physical courtroom, but in a public, virtual court, where common sense can prevail.

The case you will be presiding over is a particularly nasty one, involving the death of a young mother and her two-year-old daughter. You have my full trust, and I am sure you will ascertain who the culprit is without any trouble.

On the left is a list of articles written about this case by our most trusted media outlets. Each article has select phrases and names highlighted, representing potential evidence regarding the case. It is your job to determine which of these clues are relevant to the case by clicking on them (please note that not all the evidence highlighted will be relevant to this case). When you are satisfied you have reviewed the evidence completely, click 'Make your Judgement' and the software will inform you who is the most likely suspect according to the choices you've made. You may then click on that suspect's name to send them off for sentencing.

Welcome to the big society! Together we will tighten our belts and make Britain great again.


David Cameron, Prime Minister.